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The Spark Education Programme is a flexible course, suitable for a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and settings.


This course can be delivered online to hundreds of people in one hour or intimately in person with a small group over a number of weeks, and everything in between.

If you are interested in booking 'Spark' for your venue or an in person appearance/workshop/delivery of the Spark Education Programme with Sarah then please do not hesitate to get in touch to make an enquiry.

Below are a list of average costs for appearances, however allowances can be made depending on budgets, size of classes and depending on whether workshops take place in person or online.

Feature set/reading (20mins) - £50

Half day course (3 hours) - £150

Full day course (6 hours) - £250

Full course (2 hours p/w over 6 weeks) - £500

For all enquiries, please contact


Photo Credit : Perry Jonsson

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