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Sarah discovered spoken word poetry as an adult, and firmly believes that if she had discovered it in school, she would have had a much easier time as a young person.

The aim of the Spark Education Programme is to give young people, and people who are new to spoken word, all the tools they need to write amazing poems, while also giving them the confidence to write from their own experience, sure in the knowledge that their voices are valid, unique and interesting.

The programme was created in collaboration with experts in poetry, education and theatre. Key contributors include;

Dr Katie Ailes PhD - Edinburgh based spoken word poet, producer and researcher in the field. 

Katie Grant - Teacher of English at the Grange Academy, Kilmarnock.

Charlotte Ryder - Actor and theatre maker, director and devisor of 'Spark' the stage show.

Sarah Grant is the writer and performer of the stage show, 'Spark' and the creator of the Spark Education Programme. She is a freelance, Glasgow based writer, filmmaker and performer. To see more of her work, visit her website here. You can also support her and her continued work on the Spark Education Programme by buying her a coffee on Ko-Fi here.

For any queries about the programme or if you would like to share you work with us please drop us an email at

or follow us on twitter @SparkPoetryEdu

Download the Press Pack for more information.

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